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March 05, 2012


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Several people are facing significant reductions in their payments--I also am one of them. Mine is 40% ...I can't live off of that because the reduction is so significant. They didn't seem to take into consideration what people were used to getting --seems they guaranteed amounts based on individuals total payments, not their standard of living. It's like the people who received a structured settlement for a death or disability are now being emotionally wounded all over again. I keep getting informed that the hardship fund isn't based on your individual cost of living but is instead based on your physical hardships. There has to be another way to make this fair --like every one receiving the same percentage... not some people guaranteed 100% and others only 40%


I am one of the people facing a significant reduction in my payments. Thank you for making this information available and easy to understand. I will be following closely. Thank you for all that you do to help us.


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