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February 15, 2012


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The insurance industry has made sure that all laws are in their favor & that they have a cap on what they pay out(they call it the max amount allowed by law but in reality it means the most they have to pay out to in order to tell future customers that they are protected) The truth is they want to spin this by saying 84 percent were made full & that small percentage had a reduction in payouts. The state of New York, the insuracne industry & most of all, lawyers want us to go away & die. By paying us out in installments, they will just give us just enough to make us poor but not poor enough to collect government help. So here is the inducement for our federal & state to do nothing & help this along. They are off the hook too. Sweet for all concern. We live on a pitance, and then most likely die early than there is no Medicade or SSI to worry about. We make too much for help. Mr Darer is one of the few who is trying to shed light on us. I have written the President and CBS, guess what. No reply. No one wants to be a part of kicking a cripple or blind person out into the street. They want us to go away. My lawyers promised they would be there if I had any trouble, guess what, "there is nothing they can do & I knew the risk". They never told me options to SSA or anything. They collected so now I am fast food wrapper to toss in the street. So, Janet, we are going down but I do care what happens to us. I pray that someone will help us, but I expect, like those of Executive Life of Californina, we will die and fade away as the theifs enrich themselves as the lawyer's fees & insurance industry pick over ELNY bones in liquidation(its called cherry picking, Met Life maybe has already had the best pick first). Janet this had been a rigged outcome, the minute your attorney let you sign your rights aways, it only took years for us to see the truth. He got rich & you got more suffering & pain. Everyday I am in pain so what do they feel each day as I suffer? Nothing. Take time to read the brief that is filed to argue our objections to liquidations. It is right there. Game, set and match. We loose and they win.

janet gibson

I'm wondering the same thing......if there is any mechanism for class action law suit out there? If so, I'd like to be a part of it. I was under the assumption that the state of NY was the responsible party.

New York Real Estate Agents

More of a question rather than a comment... is there any mechanism for a class action lawsuit to be filed against either ELNY, NY Liquidation, or any other State agency that was supposed to protect the recipients of structured settlements that were to paid out by Executive Life?

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