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March 29, 2012


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David Lillesand - David@LillesandLaw.com

Patrick - This was an excellent summary of the ASNP conference. By the way, the conference got highest marks by attendees on both content and presentation.

If ObamaCare is declared unconstitutional, it will be a disaster for all of our disabled clients who, in spite of having money, and in spite of wanting to buy good private health insurance, because of their pre-existing conditions, will be shut out of the private market, putting all of them back into government-funded Medicaid at our expense. However, I won't be able to close my law practice doing Special Needs Trusts, which I had anticipated doing if ObamaCare went through. Instead I'll just have to keep putting people on Medicaid through Special Needs Trusts and make money doing so. [Personally, I'd rather that I was put out of business because my disabled clients could get real, private health insurance.]

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