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March 28, 2012


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Anonymous Shortfall Payee

I also emailed him. We shall see is right.


I emailed Judge Galasso in person...his profile said he is for the people... we shall see.


I say we shortfall victims all get together and see what we can do. Why should we sit back and let them do this to us! I emailed the above address and I suggest you all do the same and lets get together!

You notice I am not Anonymous!

I don't think we should be anymore!

Sharon Hunt and Amanda Swam

I don't understand why all of us did not have a chance to have a lawyer present. No one knew until it was too late what was going on. In our case the company is no longer in business and we will never see what was promised us. This was to be guaranteed for life.

Anonymous Shortfall Payee

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in sharing your contact information. We absolutely can not allow this injustice to happen and I can not sit on the sidelines and watch any longer!


We signed our agreement back in 1985 and it was "certain and guaranteed" therefore we did not sue the individual who injured my husband. Now because of it we are loosing 52% of our settlement! He is paralyzed and medical bills are thru the roof as it is! If your bored go look up and see how much the CEO's of insurance companies are making PER year! OUTRAGEOUS!!!


Quite frankly, I want to know what happen to American Justice?
As a shortfall victim I am confused, I thought we had fair and just rights in this country.
I wonder does the Judge realize we are people and not contract numbers? For that matter does the Superintendent realize this?


If anyone out there wants to join in a movement against this unfair practices I am in.

Anonymous Shortfall Payee

Bill, the only way we can protect our dignity and property is to bring it to the public's attention. This is an outrage and should never be allowed in this country! We are innocent people who have always followed the rules of society and we are rewarded with pain and suffering on top of our already existing pain and suffering. May God give all of us the strength we need in these trying times.


Why even have a court hearing? We as reduced SSAs will be forced into a life of struggle and then at the end of our life when the funding is gone in the next decade. We will have nothing but a little Social Security to make it on. This on top of our medical problems and pain & suffering that we endured. Who has a gun to their head? Who is getting sentence to hell on earth? Why does the judge and others want to hide this from the public? They should just round us up and do what they have always wanted to do, rid this country of its cripples, blind and tortured people so no one will have to look at us anymore? May God have mercy on those who have sentenced us to life of hell. It will be hard for me to forgive but I pray God gives me and others the strength to endure and forgive.

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