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March 10, 2012


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KR Birkenbuel

Is there any more information available on the outcome of today's proceedings?

janet gibson

Thank you for all your effort and information. We have received so little about something so impactful. I am already struggling to hang on to my home and don't know what I will do if my payment is cut by 40%.
Is there a possibility of a class action suit?


Why can't the President of the USA provide a bail-out for ELNY with benefits paid to every contract holder in full (this worked for GM? Then ELNY could sell the contracts to other insurance companys such as MET LIFE which would strengthen them, and the economy!


We only had, roughly, 30 days to file objections and one of my letters was sent to a very old address because MetLife is so unorganized. Not to mention I did not even receive the one I had by the date I was supposed to.

I guess I missed their press release here in the Mid-West.


Why would the Superintendent be allowed to use assets of ELNY for his defense if ELNY is not granted immunity?

I also think the whole point of a lump sum offer would be to assure that people get their money and that it isn't going to disappear all together. This company has gone under twice now. People should have the option of moving their money to some place safe.

Just because there are no laws for some of these objections, ELNY could do it anyway. I didn't realize there needed to be a law before people did the right thing.


Thank you sir for your effort on our behalf. We need all the information we can get.

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