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March 31, 2012


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What is taking so long for a verdict? It should be an easy NO!!! How is this fair to the 15% who get less than half (we are getting 48%) of their settlement money? It just didn't happen overnight....the Superintendant had over 20 years to fix this problem and yet we are given a few months notice on it...We have been at the same income for the last 27 years and now when everything costs more they are taking away what is RIGHTFULLY ours! Being Paralyzed isn't something you can just "sweep under the rug" and hope it goes away!


Family members should also join in this fight.

ELNY Victim

Thank you, Mr. Hindert, for keeping us all informed in matters that mean so much to us. The time and effort you have put forth has been invaluable. The Superintendent has kept us in the dark long enough!

If there are any other ELNY shortfall payees out there who are interested in fighting for our cause, please email me at elnyshortfallpayees@gmail.com. I'm getting emails every day and am genuinely saddened by the tragic stories from coast to coast. It makes me all the more motivated to fight this battle. But we need strength in numbers, it is our biggest asset.

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