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April 18, 2012


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Terri (Shortfall Victim)

Are you kidding me? Enrich themselves? ELNY is the one that has enriched themselves with OUR money. These attorneys are standing up for us and being paid next to nothing! WE CAN'T AFFORD to pay them because ELNY Excecutives are the ones living high on the hog with OUR MONEY!
This being the only instance in which a company is not able to make payments on time and in full is only the beginning. They will all be doing this soon and AMERICANS that have worked their butts into the ground for retirements that disappear, disability settlements needed for medical issues, widows and widowers left without spouses due to negligence, children born with major medical issues because of malpractice; the list goes on and on, IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU! Don't put your faith in the INSURANCE INDUSTRY it's NOT GUARANTEED!!!!!
The most sickening aspect is ELNY's superintendant and staff make it sound like it's only 15% they should be happy. Well that is discrimination at its best! Why not 100%? Because that would make the insurance industry would look back! No we will not let them sweep this under the rug. We will stand and fight together. It will not go unnoticed. We are a small group but we are mighty!


Certainly no suicide attempts here because I have four beautifully lovely children (1 adault, 3 minors) that I love with every part of my being.

But...regarding depression and counseling.....oh I forgot....I have to PAY for that. I guess I deal with it and muddle on through for free.

I can't even fathom how much money the lawyers have already lost. That is going to be a huge factor in their decision to push for an appeal on constitutional grounds. It's going to be all about the money. So we more than likely would not be able to defend our rights as American citizens because we won't have the money to pay for the lawyers to defend us. Irony!

Elny Victim

Dear Spokesperson for the Superintendent's Office,

I have estimated the number of hours my attorney has put into defending the definition of the word "guarantee". I personally have paid him less than minimum wage to defend my rights as an American citizen as defined in our Constitution. We still have one of those, right? Perhaps you should get your facts straight before you refer to Edward Stone as a "self interested plaintiff lawyer seeking to enrich himself" Oh that's right, your office has a problem with getting the facts straight.

A shortfall payee who is insulted that you find it absurd to defend myself in this proceeding.


Does the Superintendent have any options for counseling that anyone is aware of? In my role of administrating [email protected] I am hearing comments that lead me to believe depression has set in and perhaps threats of suicide are real. I am no expert in this area. I am just a "human on earth" unlike Jonathan Bing of the Superintendent's office. Can the "Man" please man up and at least provide both mental and financial counseling to any shortfall payee who may need it? Or maybe you can continue to publish a 1800 number with a minimum wage worker on the other end who is reading from from your website? Talk about literally adding insult to injury.

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