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April 06, 2012


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Elny Victim

Email [email protected] to join our group. We have been communicating and strategizing with one another. Strength In Numbers! We can not and will not allow this injustice to happen. Our financial futures are in our own hands.

New York Apartments

I believe the time has come to blitz the media with this story. Below are several links and email addresses. If anyone has others to add, please feel free to do so. And remember to keep your comments to the press, brief and to the point:







[email protected]

Sandi Rabinowitz

My son and I are meeting with someone from our State Assembly today. We are trying to figure out our options.
We must all stick together as a group. There is strength in numbers. We'll keep you informed as to what transpires.


any new information? The waiting is ridiculous.

I am SICK of living in limbo!

Those scumbags are going to take at least 53%.


I too have a bad feeling about the outcome...and why just us- the 15 %- why are we taking the biggest hit financially? I am willing to bet we are the ones with the most devastating injuries which resulted in the bigger settlements. But either way it is an injustice to ANYONE who was promised money , invested their futures on it and now are basically living in limbo not sure what options will be open to us! Whether big or small if you were GUARANTEED A STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT THEN YOU SHOULD GET IT and ALL OF IT not a pitance....

Sandi Rabinowitz

I am the mother of an ELNY shortfall victim. I accepted the annuity on my son's behalf when he was a minor. We are incensed at what is happening. Please include us in the fight.

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I am one of the recipients of the December letter from ELNY. Due to the fact that I suffer from a sever visual handicap, I cannot read every comment. However, I want to know if anyone can tell me if the press has been notified about the status of our situation yet?

Terri (Shortfall Victim)

BTW here's a tidbit to help you consider joining our fight. After the Judge makes his ruling we "the shortfall victims" that have banned together will if the ruling is not in our favor, take our fight to the PRESS! ELNY and their attorneys have kept this hush-hush! WE WILL NOT! We have a very well written document put together and each one of us have a list of journalist to send this document to. This is not good for the insurance industry and we will not allow other American's to put their money/faith into an industry that is not GUARANTEED as they have told us. So please join this fight, we already have value in numbers. Email us at elny[email protected] WE LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING FROM YOU!

Terri (Shortfall Victim)

I don't know if Judge Galasso reads your blog Patrick but I sure hope he does. By the Judge taking his time to come back with a verdict doesn't fool any of us shortfall victims. We know he will more than likely come back in favor of ELNY. The most important question to me is why on earth should 15% of all of ELNY's clients take the brunt for everyone? I understand cuts are inevitable but why not make them FAIR cuts? Appoint someone to look for another structured schedule! Here it is Easter Sunday and I didn't have the peace of mind for my future to even get a little something for my grandchildren. How sad all our lives will be when this injustice is granted!
Anyone that is having their payments cut, PLEASE join our fight by emailing [email protected] WE NEED TO STAND TOGETHER and fight for what is rightfully ours already. Don't sit by and say well "I can't do anything but except this" YOU CAN!!!!
Don't let them make us a victim yet again! Enough is Enough!

Thank you Patrick for giving us a voice and for all the information you provide.

ELNY Victim

[email protected]. Please email me if you would like to be included in our database. We are a group of shortfall payees who are leaning on each other in this time of need. Regardless of our direction, we need as many people as possible to make a difference!

Again, thanks Patrick for your informative posts!!

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